Hi, I’m Nathalie! I’m a personal and bootcamp trainer at The Gym by Kim.

I am positive, enthusiastic, and have a lot of energy. And I can channel that energy not only when I workout but also when I help others during their training sessions. 

I live with my boyfriend, son and daughter in Best, Eindhoven. Sports have been a part of my life for years; they have helped me become a better version of myself and have helped me through difficult periods in my life. I am the best version of myself when I take good care of my mental health and exercise a lot.

During my training sessions, I look for the perfect balance between strength, cardio, and high-intensity exercises that will bring you closer to your goal. I don’t believe in quick fixes or extreme diets, but look for a healthy balance in your life so you can be the best version of yourself in an approachable way. 

If my story and beliefs resonate with you, let’s train together! I look forward to meeting you!

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Hi there! I am Heike, a personal and bootcamp trainer at The Gym by Kim. I got the opportunity to join The Gym by Kim due to Kim’s maternity leave (thank you, baby Joe.)

My motto is “No two training sessions will be the same.” And people training with me can expect a lot of variation. I especially enjoy bootcamp sessions because they are outdoors, and the energy of a group workout with fellow trainees. I like to challenge you, but it is also important that everyone can participate at their own level. 

But I don’t only challenge others; I also like to challenge myself while playing sports. Sports are an outlet for me as well. My favorites are football, kickboxing, crossfitting, and fitness. 

Besides working at The Gym by Kim, I work at a rehabilitation center (Blixembosch) and the SPARCK sports club. For me, no day is the same, and that’s what I love most about what I do. 

I currently live in the village of Bergeijk with my parents and dog, Olli. I like dancing and drinking in my spare time, and I often do this with my friends and boyfriend. 

Do you have any questions about me or the Wednesday bootcamp? Feel free to ask.


Hi everyone, my name is Jon, and I am a yin yoga instructor at The Gym by Kim. Yin yoga is considered a relaxing form of yoga, but I also like to give yogis a bit of a challenge. Outside the comfort zone is where you can grow. 

As a small child, I started with ballet. From classical to jazz and modern dance. Dancing has always been a part of my life until I discovered yoga. And now, many yoga classes later, I decided to take my passion for it to the next level and attended a teacher training in 2022. I really love learning more about the yoga philosophy, anatomy, and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). TCM is a common thread in my life. It returns in a new form every time, so I enjoy bringing it into my classes. 

Besides teaching yoga classes, I work at a nature-inclusive farm, Fatherland. Here, we are building the farm of the future. Creating awareness about food and connecting more with nature is really important for me. I could talk about this for hours, so if you find this interesting, feel free to ask me about it!

I also maintain social media and write for a foundation in conceptual housing. 

In my classes, it is especially important for me to create a safe atmosphere so that people feel welcome.

I hope you will join my class sometime!

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Hi! I am Denise, a yoga trainer at The Gym by Kim. My classes are generally active, so you can expect a nice workout. But yoga is more than just physical hard work. During my yoga classes, I like to make you aware of the mind-body connection, with the most important tool being your breath. Besides working hard, we also relax hard because that is yoga too. 

I live in Eindhoven with my boyfriend John and our dog Banjo. I also have my own yoga study, and I am a SUP instructor in the warm months and give massages.

In my studio, I mainly offer fun, educational, and special individual workshops and events that anyone can join. 

When I am not working, I like to be in my garden, cook, eat, dance, walk, and learn new things. Like (almost) everyone else, I like to go on holiday. Every summer, John, Banjo, and I head out in our campervan for 4 weeks to discover Europe a little bit more and more. 

What is important to me is that the yoga classes I teach are fun and accessible to everyone at every level. So you don’t have to be a yoga pro or mega flexible to join my class. Everyone is welcome! 

I Hope to see you there soon!

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