Yoga is more than working on flexibility.

Yoga is about taking time for yourself to connect body and mind while training your strength and posture. And to throw any yoga misconception out of the window, we believe yoga is suitable for everyone!

At our yoga classes, you’ll join a group of people working on the same postures, but at the same time, it’s just you on the mat – listening to your body’s needs and working on yourself. And based on those needs, you can pick what type of yoga works best for you.

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How can yoga benefit me:


Check out the points below to see if a yoga session is right for you – almost everyone can participate in the lessons, but feel free to reach out privately if you have any questions.


I want to become more flexible.

I want to improve my posture.

I could use some stress relief reflecting on my body. 

I want to learn how to better listen to my body.

I want to work on a combination of strength training and flexibility.


If you identify with any of the reasons above, you’ll definitely benefit from one of our yoga classes!


Yoga doesn’t have to be picture-perfect, it’s important for us that you feel comfortable. Our classes are challenging but most importantly fun and accessible.




At The Gym by Kim, we offer two types of yoga classes:

Hatha Yoga:

This is an active form (yang) of yoga where you train muscle strength, balance, and flexibility in the various yoga postures. It’s about feeling and experiencing the posture, and it helps reconnect the body and mind.


Yin Yoga:

Here, relaxation (yin) is the most important thing. Yin yoga focuses on the connective tissue in your body by holding the poses for a longer time (3-5 min) to create more space, flexibility, and mobility in your body.